Of the Creators; By the Creators; For the Creators.

Who Are We

DORK Company is a community of Content Creators, where we aim to deliver Professional Creative Contents to Our Clients. We believe in Creating together, so we involve our community members in our projects.

Our Mission

DORK Company aims to deliver Awesome Creative Contents, and in the process help our followers to achieve the same. We are currently working on Educating Beginners on the Content Creation Tools and Software through DORK Academy.

What We Do

DORK Company

DORK Services

We provide Variety of Services which can help you make your Business standout from the Crowd and reach your target Audience. 

DORK Academy

 The Learning Platform to help Beginners to start in the Field of Content Creation. Aimed to educate Beginners to Create Professional Content.

DORK Resources​

A Resource Platform to Deliver Resources related to Content Creation for Free Members Subscribed Members and Premium Members.


Platform to Develop and Improve your Content Creation standards professionally and other related Skills for your overall improvement.

DORK Community

A Discussion Forum for Content Creator to discuss, share and interact with fellow Creators, and Potential Members get to do Paid work with DORK Company.