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Upcoming Courses

Courses that are queued to come next into the DORK Academy Learning Environment.

At DORK we believe at delivering Quality Content at Regular Interval
So we are preparing your Courses for a seamless learning experience

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On 1 Year Anniversary of DORK Company

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The Courses are designed for every level of Learner, so that everyone is guided to become Professional in the Field.

Free Courses

Access all the course contents for free. Develop your Skills and become professionals.

Structured Courses

Every Subject is divided into Organised Courses for better access and easy understanding of the Concepts.

One Step at a Time

The Courses are detailed and are designed such that you take one step at a time towards becoming a professional.

Support Materials

The courses come with lots of Support Material, like, PDFs, Schedules, Project Files and many more, to help you Understand the concepts.

Regular Updates

Regular Updates will be provided so that you learn the latest and stay updated.

Why DORK Academy?

The Place to Improve your Skills.

DORK Academy offers the Best Courses for Beginners and Intermediates to Start your journey in Content Creation. The Courses are designed to guide you Professionally to do your Own Projects on Completion.

Further more, we have an active community where you can interact and share your knowledge to grow professionally.