Life after 60 Years…

Technology has changed our lives so much, that an Ancient man wouldn’t have dreamt of the Life that we live today, even in his wildest dream. We are what we are today, because of the years of development in various fields of life, and this phase is just a point in the infinite line.

Today, we have technology that enhances our living standards, provides comfort, optimizes our daily tasks, entertains us and bathes us with luxuries. Today’s livelihood might deceive us with the illusion, that we are at the near pinnacle of the Technological Development. But the future will look at us, the same way, we looked at the Ancient man, and they might think that we wouldn’t have dreamt of a Life that they will be living in the future, even in the wildest of our dreams. And that’s obviously true, because we don’t know what’s going to happen the next minute (our present is the best example; none of us ever thought that a Virus would flip our daily life, upside-down). It is true that we can guess few aspects of the future, but we can never guess the entire living standards of the future, like the Ancient Man with a Spear in his hand would have thought of a future with sharper and advanced tools and not about human like you looking at the screen and reading an article which assumes that there was this Ancient Man with a Spear in his hand.

Coming to the point, what will life be like in the future. Yeah, No one knows exactly what the future holds for us, except those living in the future. But it is what we do in the present that shapes the future, the ancient man with the Spear in his hand dreamt of a future with sharper and advanced tool and that’s how we are here looking at the screen. So dreaming about the future motivates us to work towards a better future. As the Legend once said,

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

so let me share my dreams of Future Life. Around 60 Years from now, I think we will be using our Gadgets from within us, rather than using Old School Physical Devices which are held in hand. We might call our friends by tapping on our Ears, watch media like Iron-man without a Helmet, reducing accident related deaths by integrating helmets within our skull, travelling around with integrated jet-packs in our feet, and buying YottaBytes of storage for our Brain.

You might call me Ambitious, but I believe Ambitious dreams shape a wonderful future. About 69 Years ago, the UNIVAC 1, the first general-purpose electronic digital computer, was revealed to the public, which was 4.3m*2.4m*2.6m in dimension, consumed 125kW and weighed over 7500Kg, which was able to store whooping 1000 Words, so, this article would have consumed half the storage, of this high-end machine. But following 60 years, made it possible for you to read the same article with your daily driver, and all the credits goes to the Ambitious Dreamers of our Past.

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